Legal & Medical Transcription, Correspondence/Letters, Mailing Lists, Data Entry, Manuscripts, Manuals,

Graphs, Charts, Spreadsheets, Database Management and Customized Projects

  • Specializing in Medical Transcription

    • Consultations

    • Chart notes, letters, referrals

    • Independent Medical Exams

    • History & Physical

    • Diagnostic Studies & Tests

    • Operative Reports

    • Discharge Summaries

    • MRI and Imaging Studies       

    • HIPAA Compliance: Our digital process is 100% HIPAA compliant. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance measures require stringent security and privacy practices to ensure patient confidentiality for all health care related information. Global Transcription Resources values a client’s need for complete security and privacy of patient information.

  • Legal Transcription

  • Legal Proceedings

  • Depositions

  • Focus Groups

  • Multi-Voice/Meetings

  • Lectures

  • Book/Manuscript Editing (print ready)


Learning Management Systems (LMS) & Development

Leadership Training & Development

E-Learning Platform

Continuing Education Credits / Certificates / Training Credits

Course/Training Manuals (hardcover and digital)

Videos and Presentations

Bench-Marking and Assessments

Customized Quizzes and Exercises


When our VA’s are clocked in they are actively working on your tasks. When the task is done they clock out. Imagine if that kind of workplace efficiency could be applied to a traditional employee.


​Our VA’s are there when you need them, and not wasting your money when you don’t. Only pay for the time they’re actually working on your tasks. The hours in your bucket are good for 3 months, so if you have a slow week or month it’s no problem the hours roll over.


We have highly skilled VA’s who we assign to you based on the tasks you need to be done. High quality work done quick and correct is our goal.

Below is a breakdown of the average Office Support Analysis:

Traditional Employee

$24,096 (annually)
$3,611.00 (taxes)

$27,707.00 (total hard costs)

Time Wasted

50% – 80% of their time at work will be wasted on non-work related distractions
1,040 – 1,664 (annual hours wasted)

YOUR Money Wasted

$14,331.20 – $22,929.92 (annually)

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